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5 Reasons To Choose over

Race between and to be the best Read-A-Thon platform (Jonathan Chng/Unsplash)

While we may be biased, we think offers the best Read-A-Thon experience for readers, parents, donors, administrators, and sponsors. Here are a few of the reasons why we’d recommend using us instead of

Schools keep 100% of the profits

Schools that use keep 75% of the donations if provides small rewards for the children (minimum donation level required) and 80% of the donations if provides no rewards or reward coupons. That means that if a school raises $50,000, would charge a minimum of $10,000 in fees!

Conversely, schools that use keep 100% of the donations and donors are never asked to allocate a portion of their donation to “support the platform” as other fundraising platforms do. All donations go directly to the school’s own PayPal account, so schools receive the funds immediately (with, schools won’t receive all the funds until 20 days after their Read-A-Thon is over).

Personal leaderboards and goals

One of’s most popular features is our leaderboard, which shows students where they rank in their school, grade, and class in terms of total reading time (other students’ names are always hidden). We also offer class leaderboards in terms of total reading time and total donations for inter-class rivalries. Any of these features can be completely disabled; however, we also recognize that even when enabled, not all students will want to participate in this type of competition, so we give students and parents the opportunity to opt out of leaderboards. When opted out, students’ profiles instead focus on their personal goals.

The only leaderboards and goals that offers are class leaderboards and students do not have the opportunity to opt out of them if enabled for their school.

SEE FOR YOURSELF! See how you can opt your student out of leaderboards on

Robust data security and privacy

Unfortunately, has had some issues in the past related to data loss. On December 2, 2022, Ms. Mahoney, the principal of South Jefferson Elementary in Charles Town, West Virginia posted this on Facebook in regards to her school’s fundraiser hosted by

Much to our dismay, we have been informed that one of [’s] servers crashed and all of our students’ minutes were wiped out

Every platform is susceptible to data loss and security breaches, and is no different, but we pride ourselves on our data policies and practices. The team behind previously built platforms with billions of data points and neither nor the other platforms have experienced any significant data loss to date.

DID YOU KNOW? Unlike, does not store any personal photos or full names of students

Parent and student profiles

Parents with multiple children that participate in fundraisers hosted by need to create separate accounts for each child with a different email address associated with each child. Not only does this create problems for parents with limited number of email addresses, but parents are not able to monitor the progress and record reading time for each child without regularly logging in and out of each student account.

With, parents set-up their own accounts and then can create profiles for each of their children, which they will have direct access to without needing to log in and out of each student account.

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Schools that work with for their Read-A-Thons can also use our platform to host their Math-A-Thons. Parents and students can use the same profiles they’ve previously created for past fundraisers and track their performance and growth year over year.

Unsurprisingly, only offers a platform to host Read-A-Thons, so parents and students would need separate profiles if their school chooses to host Read-A-Thons and Math-A-Thons.

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